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Equipment Training Certification Program

Stay safe and get trained and certified to safely operate all types of equipment and machinery. Superior Trailer & Equipment/Rentals & Forklift Guys is dedicated to provide quality certification training programs for your business' employees. 

We are a premier retailer of re-manufactured forklift machinery, parts and accessories. You'll get quality equipment and comprehensive safety training to ensure the success of your company's endeavors.

Customized Safety Training for Your Employees

Operating a business is demanding and time consuming, but safety should never take a back seat. Accidents with equipment and machinery happen if training is overlooked or not properly fit into the schedule. 

Operators should be OSHA/MSHA compliant and be safety certified for all equipment. Contact us to learn more about the training programs and certifications we offer; we can even customize a training program for the specific needs of your employees, equipment and business.
Stay Safe, 
Get Trained
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